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Bicycle Keirin racing is a very popular sport in Japan which allows pari-mutuel wagering. These races have 6 to 9 riders that reach speeds of 45 m.p.h. and cover a distance of 2,000 meters.  Keirin is also an Olympic event which the Japanese tend to dominate. In Japan, the Keirin velodromes rival any American football or baseball stadium in size, scale and comfort.



Track Racing

The Phoenix metropolitan area cycling community is long overdue for a velodrome and large enough to provide a sufficient fee revenue structure to maintain one. The Arizona Keirin Velodrome would provide a positive influence on the community, as well as, offering career training, events, and generate revenue through other athletic programs. This venue would make the Arizona Keirin Velodrome unique because it would be the only velodrome in Arizona, and first ever to offer the riders a way to make a good living as a professional track racer. This is the solution to re-starting professional track cycling in North America.


Velodromes offer the most exciting and spectator-friendly venues for bicycle racing. Much like a baseball stadium, a velodrome creates a location that the public identifies as the premier venue in its sport. The track has a one-of-a-kind beauty with its oval shape and extreme banked corners. One can feel the speed, excitement, and drama that will be played out at this venue by just looking at the track. With the right funding, we have the knowledge to build and run the facility, as well as, run cycling programs that will make the velodrome a success for the Arizona community. Our business financial model is to return 20% of our profits to the local community. Investing in K-12 and other community projects, and causes.


DeVeloment , L.L.C. has the know how to build the facility and manage the cycling programs that will make the velodrome a success. The investment in velodrome will return a strong revenue stream back to investors, partners and the community. I trust that our project has sparked your interest and curiosity to know more about it. Please direct your inquires to our contact page at where we will be glad to provide more material and investor information.

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