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Bicycle Keirin racing is a very popular sport in Japan which allows pari-mutuel wagering. These races have 6 to 9 riders that reach speeds of 45 m.p.h. and cover a distance of 2,000 meters.  Keirin is also an Olympic event which the Japanese tend to dominate. In Japan, the Keirin velodromes rival any American football or baseball stadium in size, scale and comfort.

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How to Pick a Winner:

There are two types of riders.

1. Leadout Rider or Pacer: This type of racer is a very strong, powerful rider that can lead the race from the start to the finish at a fast speed. He/she tries to set a fast pace and wear out their competition to win the race.


2.  Sprinter: A sprinter type rider tends to have the ability to accelerate very rapidly and usually for a short distance of 200 meters. He/she is capable of very fast speeds in the range of 45 to 50 mph. Within this category, there are strong sprinters and fast sprinters. The strong sprinters may be able to sprint 38 to 42 mph for a longer distance of 200 to 300 meters. The fast sprinter on the other hand may hit speeds of 44-50 mph, however only be able to hold the speed for 25 to 100 meters.


One can see that tactics play a large role of how a cyclist wins a track race and why the riders form into team lines to help win the race. It is very important to do the rider research and who is in the team line to be successful while wagering at the track.


The riders accumulate race points at races and their race points are shown to indicate their starting position. A rider having the highest race points has a good chance of winning the race. Furthermore, the other riders that participate in the same team line have a better chance of placing in the first three places of the race. However, if the rider with the highest points is seeded 9th in the starting line-up he has a low probability of placing first in that race. This type of seeding for the starting line-up helps insure that one rider will not dominate the finish order and makes picking the finish order more of a challenge for the public.


Also, before the race, riders disclose to the spectators which team line they will join during the race. This information is very helpful for predicting the outcome of the races.

While much of the professional cycling season has died down in Europe, a selection of international track riders have been invited to Japan to earn some money from racing the Keirin circuit. Shane Perkins is one of those internationals and I caught up with him to hear about his Keirin season and to find out more about this world we hear so little about.

Those who want to become professional Keirin Cyclists must go to a special Keirin School and make it through the demanding training course. See the link below for more information.

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